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Roger Periañez

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"Don't break the laws, but break the rules" Arnold Schwarzenegger I am a very proactive person, everyday in my life I try to get the best version of myself in every aspect. I work ... Leer más hard everyday in my job, my family and my own life and the most of my knowledge I've learned it by myself in a self-taught way. My day-by-day routine starts with a hot/strong shot of coffee, then I go to my job to give the best that I have to my team and the company, then when im way back home normally I try to study something about I might be interested (philosophy, game developing, car license...). Then I go to the Gym to workout myself and be ready and energized for the days to come. Back at home, is when my projects start to rise. Usually I intermix my duties between Web design and videogame developing, recently I have discovered in both some kind of passion for them and I dream to become a fully developer one day and make from one of these my everyday job!


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Guillermo M.
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hace 2 años
Realizó trabajos de diseño web y otros diseños para algunos clientes y quedamos muy satisfechos. Gran profesional con amplios conocimientos de informática, diseño y creación de webs. ... Leer más Persona trabajadora y con la que el trato ha sido perfecto en todo momento, muy recomendable.


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