Mayra Carolina Cambero Alvarez, provincia de %merchantProvince%


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Responsible, innovative and creative person, able to work under pressure and as a team. Interested in environment law, focused on sustainable development on the human sociality. With ... Leer más a mention on regulatory law. And legal consultations in general. I have been working in law practice since the age of 16 years old, with the district government of my city Iquitos, in the area of legal advice and public prosecutor. At the age of 19 years old I change of university for one in the capital even if the means to start over the career, which I did, the help to work in different areas of law, like intellectual property and costumer protection, financial law, regulatory compliance and personal data protection and in different law firms (civil, labor law, contracts, criminal law, general consulting to people and companies) that help to develop my love for law school.


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Shalom B.
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hace 10 meses
I was introduced to Ms.Cambero, by a joint friend I met on my first visit to Peru, a Peruvian ecology professor who worked in the amazon while I was visiting there. One year later I ... Leer más was studying in Asia, but I was planing to comeback to Peru the following year, to possibly buy a land in the area of Iquitos and also was considering to open a business in Peru, Ms.Cambero gave me excellent legal advice on the phone in English while I was on the other side of the world..(:, she was very nice and patient, and served me better than I expected. I hope to use her legal services in the future and I recommend her to any one who needs legal advice, information and action. Mr N.S Buteil from Israel.